£18 Cat Microchipping

It will soon be a legal requirement, save £12.56 for a limited time only.

Cat microchipping is now £18 for a limited time only! Get them microchipped and save £12.56 (Usual price £30.56)!

As of 13th March 2023, all cat owners must have their pets microchipped by June 10, 2024. Owners who don't get their cat microchipped by this date may face a fine of up to £500. It will be compulsory to have your cat microchipped from 20 weeks of age but there is no minimum age your cat can be microchipped.

Seize our offer and microchip your cat for £18

For more information on the new legislation see here:Treasured pets now safer as microchipping for cats becomes compulsory - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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