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Kitten Advice

Tip on giving your kitten the best start


It is important to introduce your kitten to lots of sounds, objects and people while they are still young in a calm, controlled manner to build up their confidence.

Things such as the hoover should be used at a distance and in a non-threatening manner early on so your kitten learns that it won’t hurt them. Always try to make new experiences a happy and rewarding time, not scary or overpowering.

Toilet Training Tips

Hopefully your kitten will already be very clean about where they like to toilet. If not then try to recognise when they are most likely to need to toilet and very gently place them in the litter tray. This is usually when waking up, after eating and after playing.

A few important tips to remember when using litter trays:

  • The litter tray should be low enough for the kitten to easily jump in and out off
  • Cats can be fussy about what type of litter they like so once they are happy using a certain litter, try to always buy the same one
  • It is important to provide at least 1 litter tray per cat in your household +1 extra; so if you have 3 cats there should be 4 litter trays. This is because cats are very private and do not like to share or use dirty trays
  • Because cats are very clean animals it is important to clean out the tray regularly (once or twice a day is usually enough) otherwise you may find them toileting elsewhere
  • Another thing to bear in mind, particularly in multi cat households is to have the litter trays in different, private locations around the house. Placing in a busy kitchen or by a door way is not a good idea as the cat will have no privacy. If you have dogs please try to ensure they do not have access to the tray as your cat will not liked being disturbed or watched.

When you decide to let your kitten out (after vaccinations and possibly after neutering) they will probably choose to toilet outside and only when they discontinue using a litter tray for at least a week should you reduce the number of trays in the house.

It is always a good idea to keep one in case they become stressed by another cat outside. Sometimes they will need to be kept indoors or hospitalised so it is really useful if they are happy using a litter tray.

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