Weight Management

Keeping your pet healthy

We all like to treat ourselves and our pets, but the excessive food and treats can cause obesity in our beloved family member.

Obesity in cats and dogs is becoming more common due to a number of reasons;

  • Age: As animals get older they become less active, have less energy and require fewer calories
  • Overfeeding: Animals with unlimited access to food will eat more than they need
  • Overeating: Some foods are loaded with salt and fat which taste great, but may cause them to gorge
  • Lack of exercise: Giving too much food with little exercise can lead to obesity
  • Feeding habits: This is the most common cause of obesity in animals. A lot of people are guilty of feeding table scrapes and human food

These are just a few which cause obesity.

Overweight animals are at higher risk of health problems such as diabetes, shortness of breath, painful joint stiffness and arthritis are just a few of them.

If you think you pet is overweight or will put a few pounds on over the Christmas period then why not kick off the new year with one of our weight check clinics where one of our expert nurses can weigh your beloved pet and if your pet has put on a little extra weight, we can then decide the best plan to get them in to shape.

Kong toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied for longer, they can be stuffed with all sorts of healthy goodies such as banana, mashed potato, bits of carrot or chicken as well as their normal dog food (dry food can be soaked).

Look online for recipes. Make the kong really easy to begin with so food falls out, and help your dog to finish it, then as they learn how to use it you can compact the food in more and eventually they can be frozen so your dog really has to work to get their food!

Nurse clinics are available in all of our branches for weight clinics or general advice.

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